Education team, problem copying repls

Problem description:
I created a simple Java program, then I made a copy to use it as a base. Now I want to make a copy of the “altered copy”. But when I copy the project
then the original project
is getting copied and all the changes I made to (2) are gone.

Expected behavior:
Project (2) gets copied in its latest state.

Actual behavior:
Project (2) gets copied in the state it had, when originally copied from (1), later changes to (1) do not get copied. So it is a copy from (2), but not the last version. is a copy of (2) but includes the original state that (1) had, when copied.

Hi @metelmann thanks for your post and sorry for any inconvenience you have experienced here.

I’m not able to access the three Repls you linked as they must be private or part of a Team. Is it possible for you to share a video (Loom is excellent for recording this if you don’t have a screen recording tool) to show what is happening?


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Hello, thanks for your reply. The attached YouTube link should be processing now, so it might take a little time until the 4k version is visible.

In the video I create a blank Java projection an education team, change some text, then copy the project and the text is still the one from the template in the copy. Same happens with more complex projects (added files missing too).

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Got it. Thanks @metelmann I’ll try and reproduce and get back to you as soon as possible.

I can confirm that I’ve reproduced this error in Java and Python. I’ll escalate this to support asap.

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Hey @metelmann!

We are aware of this issue and will post updates as we have them to this topic: Teams for Education - Copy Project creates new empty project without my Code

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