Education account - out of storage?

I am an education user and can’t create any new repls because I am out of storage. I deleted several old groups from my archived Teams yesterday but nothing has changed - I still can’t use repl. It is really holding me back in my lessons as I am having to demo on Trinket and then hope that the students can work in the repls I have created previously… if I can’t create any new repls in the future I can’t even do that quick fix with trinket.
Please help, I love repli Teams for my students - thanks

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Can you show the amount of free space in your account? To do this, follow the link:


Yes and it says that I have used up my 10GBit … I have tried deleting quite a lot of repls but the storage has not emptied at all. I also need all of the programs that are currently there as they are for current students - I use it for KS4 and 5 computing and I have a lot of programs for them to work on. I just thought the education account meant that there was no limit? I am happy to delete what I don’t use but I actually have done that (I have some on there which are archived old classes so that I can reuse them when I need to for the current students). Do you know if the education account has the 10G limit still?