Edu hacker program thingy

im not a teacher but a student at a high school in the ucps district and our emails are locked to district olny but some of the work i do on replit would be far easier with the hacker plan when i tried to fill the fourm thing to get it as the email for replit is out of the school district i wasnt able to get the email to verify so i was wondering if it is posible to get the hacker plan for edu a difrent way i have a student id and stuff i can proove im a student if need be.

The replit for edu plan is associated with github for students.

You can get 3 months of hacker through the github student dev package

yes i know but when i tried to apply or whatever it is caled i wasnt able to recive the email for it cause our emails can olny recive emails that end in

im aware but im not able to get the email required to use it

Then you should contact your school!

You dont need to use your schools email for it. You can use a personal email as long as you have a student ID or something else to prove you are a student

  • Have a verifiable school-issued email address or upload documents that prove your current student status.

@aydenbg problem is that he needs to get the verification email but he can’t, he should contact his school to receive it!

yes i have tried and my school bassicly told me to stop asking with some trash excuse i have verifiable id and proof im in school tho i will try agian to get it when im home

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