Editing Files in Deployments Can't Edit the Main Files! (And Deployments Keep Resetting)

I am very confused. Because the legacy version of Replit hosting was in realtime, Node.JS servers and other backend server languages could edit the code of the Replit files and Replit would save them. However, with the new Deployment hosting system, it’s a snapshot of the Deployment. You can’t save anything to the REAL files, just to the snapshot files. And along with this, it looks like the Deployment gets reset or something because I’m not logged in through my session when I come back later and the post I made on my project went away (a sign that the thing reset because it can’t edit the main files). So now I’m here. I don’t know if this is already implemented, however if you can add a way to be able to edit files from the MAIN files, not just from the snapshot one, that would be really good. If you have a way, I’m currently working on a project in Node.js, so I would be happy with something to help me in that language.