Editing a theme while using an opposite theme causes the buttons and borders to be displayed wrongly

Problem description:

When editing a dark theme while using a light theme and vice versa, the buttons and border on the UI will be displayed in the wrong colour. This incorrect display is brought over to the theme itself as well and doesn’t just affect the preview.

Expected behavior:

Dark theme

Light theme

Actual behavior:

Dark Theme

Light theme

Steps to reproduce:

Edit a theme while using an opposing theme, that is, editing a light theme while using a dark theme or editing a dark theme while using a light theme.

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome 109 & Firefox 110, Windows 10

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Ohh, so that’s why my Roblox light mode theme looked strange while I was editing it

Yes, just switch your theme to a light mode theme or click the apply theme button while editing it and the theme should update and the buttons and borders will be displayed correctly again.

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Hey @hankertrix!

Thank you for reporting this. I will send this to the team and let you know if I have any updates.


Awesome, thanks!