(EDIT: it was just a trend) So I think Replit got hacked

EDIT: this is just some trend started by the moderator that I thought got hacked.

So, I was looking on PikachuB2005‘s profile(replit.com/@PikachuB2005), but it has a very strange name, no PFP or banner, and a repl with the same name that contains a README.md file that contains the same name.

I’ve also seen it on multiple other users, and even a community moderator! :exploding_head:

All their comments also are the same name of their name.

And even more alarming, a subdomain has just been added that contains the same names! (lore.replit.com)


loll this is just a trend started by potentialstyx

multiple ppl are just following along cuz it’s fun
Finally, https://lore.replit.com is an old subdomain


Yeah, this doesn’t seem to be malicious. I am not 100% sure if this is like a puzzle or something of the sort, kind of like Minecraft’s OldRoot was, but I did find some other domains (probably also old) with the same text.




Maybe someone should check inspect element or something? I heavily doubt this was planned out beyond spamming ヾ(*ФωФ)βyё βyё☆彡 though.


or so you think, check https://bigminiboss.repl.co && https://haroon.repl.co


btw it’s a puzzle where you have to open devtools (I was saying so you think to the planned part but yes it wasn’t planned lol I was joking)

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