Easy ways to earn cycles

I want cycles but I don’t have any way of getting them. And yes, I have read the other (helpless) posts.
Here are the things I can’t do:

  • Become a Replit Rep
  • Do bounties (Every singe bounty I have seen, I couldn’t do)
  • Get Tipped (why should someone tip my trash repls?)

Is there any way I can earn cycles easily?

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The only other way I can think of to get cycles is to get a theme tipped, you could try creating and publishing some themes and see if you get some tips that way, but otherwise, the best way is bounties.

Firstly, that’s the hardest way to get cycles (without spending money).
Secondly, It’s pretty much the same thing as getting repls tipped

Maybe I should make a service?
So can you tell me how to make a service?

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I mean, there’s not an official way of granting/charging cycles. It is actually possible to charge cycles by checking the amount a user has tipped and this has been done before, although you’d definitely want to get permission before creating a service that charged cycles.

That would entirely depend on what kind of service you wanted to create and what language/s and tools you wanted to use; I’m sure someone on the forum, if not me, would be able to give you some guidance if you had something specific in mind.

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Maybe I should make a post about services

I want one of those services in the bounties. So basically things in here

Oh, you can propose one using the button at the top right. I actually remember proposing a few ideas but I haven’t heard anything :man_shrugging:

Looks like I didn’t notice that button :laughing:

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Wait… Doesn’t that mean you propose an idea and Replit makes it?

I dunno, I thought the idea was you could propose a service that you could provide :man_shrugging:


I’m pretty sure you propose an idea and if you were very fast to do it and they liked it you’d get accepted, and then you’d be able to create services. it’s been months since they last accepted ppl


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