Easy way to access folder of Replit project?


I hope you’re all doing well. I had a question about easy access to the folder in which Replit projects are located.

For example, I have tons of nested folders in my account for different classes and topics within the class. When I am in a specific Replit, there’s only allows me to go to the “root”, which is essentially a list of all directories and folders that I have.

It would be amazing if there was an option to quickly access the folder in which the project was contained.

For example, let’s say I have a folder in which I have

Class A
---- Subject 1
-------- Project 2
------------- Example Replit Project

If I am looking at Example Replit Project, is there an easy way for me to access the “Project 2” folder?

Thank you for all your help!

Hi @char-at-ada welcome to the community!

If you click on My Repls from the main screen you should be able to see your folders. Clicking on these folders displays an adapted URL at the top of the screen. For example:


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