Easy fix for 90% of loading issues (Feature Request)

I would love if Replit IDE would allow the deactivation of file history in any projects, this honestly should have been a thing to begin with. The file history feature makes it REALLY difficult & frustrating to work with Replit IDE whenever the history gets very large, which happens very often for me. It’s frustrating because it significantly slows the loading of the files with large history & some files of mine take over 10 minutes to load a 800-2k line file, while files with no history around the same size load near instantaniously.

Introducing a simple toggle for this feature would completely solve loading issues for large projects, if the user chooses to go without it. The loading problems I have on Replit IDE is my main deal breaker & why I try to avoid making anything I may be actively working on for months using Replit IDE.


If it gets crazy out of hand for you, I would copy the contents of your code, shred the file (permanently remove all traces of it), and then remake the file and paste your code back. This would clear the whole file history, but you’d have to do this for each one (you could maybe write a Bash script to do all), and at a time (not permanently turn off file history).

I do agree with you though. Sometimes it can get out of hand (edit counts getting into the 5000s).