Easy Bounties on Replit

Hi Replit,

I am a beginner in coding, but I do know a lot of lines in HTML. Not big on JS or Java or anything like that though.

I was trying to look on Bounties for very easy things, like maybe write some stuff, maybe even design if I got lucky, but I couldn’t find anyhing. Do you guys have any ideas? Or perhaps you saw a bounty that looks relatively easy for my level of coding? If so, please share with me.




PS: I can code buttons to other pages and stuff. Thats the best knowledge of JS I know.

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Gonna be honest, it’s not likely you’ll find a beginner-friendly bounty. Sometimes (rarely) people give away free cycles so you might get lucky with a bounty that’s just free cycles and there are occasionally simple bounties, but they will get taken pretty quickly. You never know though, maybe you’ll find one :slightly_smiling_face:.


I think the knowledge of only html and basic js won’t take you anywhere, you can learn some framework like next.js or react for full stack web development and can earn some work on relpit or maybe on other freelancing platforms like fiverr, upwork etc. Wishing you luck in your coding journey.


For now, a good idea would be to find some simple projects to complete to challenge yourself and improve your skills, as well as to start building up a repertoire of projects you can reference as evidence of your experience and skill. If you’re a beginner, some common basic HTML, CSS & JS projects include a a simple clock, a simple stopwatch, a simple calculator, and a great one for you: a portfolio site about you and your projects.


Thanks for the tip! I was thinking about doing a portfolio site but I didn’t know if anyone else did that around here and I’d just look weird xD

No problem :slight_smile:

Never be afraid to stand out!

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I gotchu bro DM me and I will give you a price. Your problem is common for beginners…

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I do this :upside_down_face:

@korvotree I will be doing some challenges for cycles just look out for my posts.