Eaglercraft announcement

guy eaglercraft is not die here is the link *** to play eaglercraft ***

You do realize… you’re going to get banned, right? It’s also kinda obnoxious and rude to directly contradict the fact that…

PLease, I am trying to be as kind as possible, Eaglercraft is a web proxy version of Minecraft, which has been dmca’d. Eaglercraft contains source code from the original Minecraft, and if Eaglercraft has more players then Minecraft, Minecraft would be less popular. Imagine (if you will) this. (its an example). You make a brand new game, and after many hard years of working on it, it blossoms into a GREAT game! Now Imagine, if you will, a guy copies the game source and puts it on the web. Suppose your game costs money. This alternative is free, and more players are hopping on there, so what happens? Your game becomes less popular… Besides, without microsoft/mojang’s consent, its illegal to copy Minecraft.

As sad as I was when eagler and every other replit thing was blocked, it was for the best… Eaglercraft is a distraction… and Minecraft is Minecraft. eaglercraft is dead.


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True, but some people won’t budge (aka the above). If they’re determined to publicly admit to a crime, let them be punished.


good point… i totaly didn’t spend 20 minutes writing that…