Duplicating Group Assignments between Repls

Is it possible to duplicate the group assignments between several repls in a Teams for EDU setting?

Background, I have 120 students who need to be assigned to working groups for a paired programming assignment. They will work with that partner for several different programs - thus, several different repls. Creating these small groups is time consuming. Manually repeating the process for four repls when the small-groups are identical is extra time consuming. Is there a way to import/export group assignments? Or copy the teams from one to another?


Just to clarify, are you asking about a way to quickly duplicate the assignment itself, or the group of students? To duplicate an assignment, I make a template in my main Replit account (not in a team) and then use the CLI to copy it to each team. This duplication process only a few seconds per team once you know how to do it.
Duplicating personal repls into Team Projects | Replit Docs

I’m asking for a way to duplicate the grouping of students.

I have a repl all built asking the students to create assignment 1. I have a second repl all built asking the students to create assignment 2. I want to assign the SAME teams for both assignments. It’s tedious to make 60 pairings for assignment 1. I would like to not have to repeat that entire process for assignment 2.