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This article will cover DRM and what exactly it does. It will also cover some of the problems the industry faces.



Love the articles, they are very interesting to read and informative. The whole Starforce thing with them forcefully installing their GPU drivers on user’ devices has honestly scared me; that could easily ruin your device, but also it would be very easy for said drivers to be significantly less performant than the ones intended for your GPU. Frankly, if it happened to me I would feel violated, in fact I would almost say it’s illegal (but it’s probably one of things you’d find in the T&C’s no one reads and accepts when they play any game…).


I did a thorough skim (read 90% of it). Very interesting article. You focus on games, but this strongly reminds me of Microsoft Office, which (excepting 365) is extremely specific about how you can use it and requires a key to use. Office 365 has fewer restrictions, but WILL NOT WORK unless you’re signed in.

The part about installing special drivers to run the game is alarming, and would make running the game on other platforms trickier (the example that comes to mind is that it would likely not work installing the Windows app on Linux, even though there are methods of doing so). I don’t like the idea of requiring special drivers just to play some game. I’ll stick with light gaming on Android.

I also had no idea that these games were being pirated like that (shows you how much I game). This seems like a major problem. Another instance of DRM I remember is Kindle books. A lot of them CANNOT be copied to another Kindle because they have a DRM license buried in them so that they only work on THEIR Kindle.

Ultimately, nice article. It seems that DRM is annoying, even scary, but that the alternative of extreme pirating is also horrible. I get the impression that the only solution is for people to stop pirating and the DRM to go away (which will never happen as people will always do illegal things). Thank you for your well-written article.

On a side note, if you have an HTML version to download, why not also host that to the web in a Repl so that we can view it online?

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I will try and see if I can do that. Also thank you for your feedback and support :slight_smile:

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From now on most of my articles will be posted here. This is just to test out the site and will NOT be a permeant thing.

Edit: Yes I know it looks old… / And I will still make the articles available here as well

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Also you guys are free to post on there if you want. I’m just testing it for a bigger project I have in mind

Edit: @CoderElijah, the pirating scene is MASSIVE you can find a free copy of almost any game with a simple google search. Since it’s so easy to access why would you pay for it?

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