Dragging tab to new location in android chrome in DEX doesn't work

Problem description:
Dragging tab to new location in android chrome in DEX doesn’t work. The tab disappears but the content remains in the tab.

Expected behavior:
Tab would move to the new location the tab was dragged to.

Actual behavior:
Tab disappears when dragged but content remains in editor tab.

Steps to reproduce:
Open replit in android chrome in DEX, ooen two files, try to rearrange the tabs. The tab disappears.

Bug appears at this link:

Android 13 oneUI 5.1 DEX, Samsung S21+

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Can you please provide me with a screen recording? Does updating to the latest version of the app fix this?

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This is using chrome browser so I can take advantage of inline ghost writer and full desktop mode.

I can try the mobile app when I get home and see if it has same issues, but from what I heard inline ghost writer and tablet devices don’t work well?

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Ya tried the replit app in tablet/dex and it’s not usable, UI is all mangled.

When using chrome in desktop mode in dex/tablet replit works pretty well but there are issues like I mentioned above. Dragging tabs/panes doesn’t work. Also pointer disappears when interacting with vnc output pane. (See issue Pointer issue)

The browser version of Replit is not optimized for touchscreen devices and can perform poorly there. The only way to drag files on a mobile/touchscreen device in the browser version is to switch to desktop mode.

Are you experiencing this issue on desktop or mobile mode?

I’m having trouble in chrome in desktop mode in DEX, using keyboard and mouse. I can’t drag and drop tabs/panes, also there is another bug report I opened about pointer disappearing when interacting with vnc output pane (see link to other issue in this thread).

Unfortunately we can’t do anything for desktop mode. For the mobile app, our mobile team is looking into adapting to external keyboards and mice attached to tablets and mobile devices.

Shouldn’t replit on android chrome in desktop mode (especially with keyboard and mouse) behave similar to regular chrome on PC/Mac?

Mobile/touchscreen devices, especially older ones behave in remarkably different ways.

My device is Samsung 23 Plus running in DEX mode using latest Chrome 112.0.5615.48 in desktop mode using keyboard and mouse.

All other sites I visit behave the same in this environment as it does on my MacBook with latest Chrome 112.0.5615.49.

Including CodeSandbox Cloud/Repository editor, Jira (dragging dropping tickets around on project boards), GitHub (dragging and dropping project issues, etc), YouTube, YouTube Music, etc

Seems odd that replit doesn’t.

I just looked up what samsung DEX is and found out that you’re running a PC instance from a mobile device. Will pass this to our engineers to see if they can do something :+1:


Awesome, thanks, appreciate it

Can you provide me with a screen recording? Videos of bugs help us identify issues faster so we can work on fixing them faster.

I’ll try and get a screen recording tonight

Here’s the screen recording

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Thanks, I’ve passed it along. Unfortunately I won’t be able to provide you with an ETA on when this will be fixed as the workspace team is packed with multiple projects at the moment.

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