Drag & Drop in the mobile app

Phone informations:

  • Brand: Oppto
  • OS: Android 13

Replit app version: 2.47.0

Requested features:

Add possibility to use the Drag & Drop technology in the mobile app. It would easy much the work.


Oftenly, there is a need to move files and folders to better organize the codde. Currently, the programmer need to copy code from one file , create new file, paste the code and remove old file, with consumes time, aspecially in case of big amount of files

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Hi @mcgiwer , you can run this in the Shell:
mv path/to/old-folder/ path/to/new-folder/
Hope this helps!
For your information, drag and drop is possible (if I am not wrong), but is buggy.

Hello. I think that for many developers would be much easier to do it graphical way and on smartphones this function need to be fixed if it already exist because it doesn’t work