Downloading repls take forever , "resuming"

Question: Downloading repls take forever … It just takes ages cant download anything it just says resuming(tried with 3 different browsers)

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This is happening with all my repls. I dont think it is a problem with my internet or browsers because I switched 3 browsers

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Is that perhaps a size issue? If you try that on a new blank Repl, does it work?

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Well … Yeah I could download a new repl with just one line code but that wont solve my problem… I have to download that repl…I don’t know why the size is too big… Even few big (imean fairly big) github repos are not so big …just few mbs then why my repls are too huge…??? I need a solution …how can I download them… There is no option to download individual files or folders even…

There is. Click the 3 dots next to the file and then click ‘Download’ to download that file.

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Same for me idk how to solve this, I mist to download one

This for mobile phone

I wanna download folders bro

Well you can’t download folders, so the only way to do that is to download every file in that folder.


It’s kind of rude to comment in such a way because:

In the previous reply you had made is that you implied you were looking for solutions to both


If you download the entire Repl, you can just copy specific folders and paste them elsewhere on your machine, then delete the ZIP file. This isn’t a direct download of a folder, but it is a workaround if your Repl isn’t too big.

I want to download entire Repl…
I commented that because I cannot figure out a way to download whole repl so I thought I would do it with downloading all folders and files…

I am not able to download the repl it is taking ages…

Also now when i try to download that repl , I get error 500

How large is your repl in terms of files and folders?

I have an idea: setup git for your repl and stage, commit and push all your files into a repository.
Then, on Github, download the entire repository as a .zip.
If you want to move the code to a new repl, clone the repository via the shell on the repl.

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I tried that … But few folders like .git wont appear on github … I specifically wan those folders to be honest …
Why? Because I am transfering my repls to other IDEs and hosting platforms after these Jan 1 Updates

But why would you need .git to be uploaded as well? You could initialise Git on other IDEs as well, using Shell commands. This should create a Git folder in the program on that IDE.

“Resuming” means it’s so big that it’s downloading from a continous stream that Replit is providing it, rather than it already having the file loaded and just downloading it all at once. Please just give it time, as it isn’t able to estimate the time when it does it like this.

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Thank you for your suggestion, I tried and left it for 20 minutes once but now I am not able to download it (Error 500)

You could use zip (CLI tool) to zip the stuff in your Repl you need, and then just download that one file. IIRC, that usually works better for me.

Can you explain how to do that?

Type zip myFolderToZip in the Shell.