Downloading HTML as a file to be in zip folder

When I am downloading my html I still get the style when I view it. Then if I download as a zip file or I put it in a zip file I can NO longer see the style (no color just black and white). Is there something I am missing or do I need to change something? Please help

In my experience, an HTML file (not just on Replit) CAN NOT access the other files in its ZIP folder. Thus, you must extract the ZIP file to a regular folder to use it.

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You can use the JsZip library to read files inside zip files. If you want to use them in a Repl, it is best to decompress the zip file and use the “Upload Folder” in your Repl to upload the contents.

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So that you can run (locally, at least) a website from a ZIP file? That’s cool!

To clarify, it works when you download it and it is not ever zipped, but when you download a zipped version is disappears?

i think this is because of how opening a local HTML file works. (which i think what @Madiebehnen actually meant)

If you want to use the other files in the same folder, you need to replace the file source with "./YOUR_FILE_HERE" as its source. The ./ is used to represent the parent folder of the file. Just using the file name would not work.

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HTML Repls are pretty spooky for how they work with files. We are working on a long-term solution for this, but in the meantime you can use to zip your HTML Repls!

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