Download Folders

In Repls, there are currently two ways to download parts of the Repl, 1: download individual files, 2: download the entire Repl as a .zip. I am proposing the ability to download folders as well.

This would be very convenient as you don’t always necessarily want to download the entire Repl, maybe just a specific part.

This request was inspired by a misinterpretation of this feature request:


I do belive there have been questions asking how to do this in the past but I cant find them.

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This should definitely be a feature. I’m not sure why it’s not, to be honest!

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I agree this would be very useful especially when you are building a project and want to extract that build

I always open shell, zip the folder, and download that. Then delete the zip file after. It would be a lot easier if we had a button for it XD