Download file from Replit to PC with python


Alright, here is a question for Python experts. In the replit IDE, I have a file called download_me.txt. I want a user to be able to download it to their PC (not in the IDE, like their actual desktop folder or something). I know a user can go and fork it and click

Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 19.58.53

But I want to make it fully automated using Python.

Repl link:

# nothing yet

I’m not sure of any other way you could do it than forking and downloading. However, if you wanted to, you could set up a webserver with flask or something, and make a webpage where it is downloadable.


Thanks for your suggestion. But my end goal is to have users download a zip file filled with images. I’ll have to figure that out as well.

It works with any kind of file, if you configure your flask response right, and if you want to automate zipping, there are libs for that too.

This is what I did, thanks!

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