Doubts about new "hosting changes"

Hello! I got some doubts about deployments and these new updates. I need answer as soon as possible:

  1. Will the way in which websites are hosted in the standard way change (pressing “Run” to make my Repl “wake up”)?

  2. Will it be possible to host the repl somewhere else and post it on Replit at the same time?

  3. Since there is now the Replit Core, Will the Hacker Plan and the Pro Plan be removed? If not, what’s the difference between the three?

  4. Will it still be possible to use Ghostwriter for free after reaching the limit?

  5. In deployments, will we be able to deploy services to keep our sites safe from cyber attacks (such as Amazon Shield)?

Thank you for reading, I need a answer as soon by possible :>

Hi @MarroneLFOfficial , welcome to the forums!
Let me answer your questions to the best of my ability; hopefully they answer your questions.

You can only run websites from the editor if not deployed. The website will only work that way.

I don’t see why not, the code could be on Replit, while the website is hosted somewhere else. The repl could also be run from the Cover Page.

Hacker is removed, and Pro was buffed up and renamed to ‘Core’. Now it’s $120 if you buy the yearly pricing until 31st December instead of $240. I think there was more compute units for deployments, Core vs Pro.

Yes, it’s a weekly limit, so it renews every week. Free is limited for paid users, but is unlimited for Core. Advanced is available only to Core.

There should be some sort of security attached to deployments already. Maybe @soren sorry to ping you can help with this?

If you need to clarify, feel free to ask!
Hope this helps!


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