Domain via webos

Hello I have my own domain which I have connected to replit but when I write (domain) it doesn’t work

Does anything appear when you click the ✎ on the top right? Make sure you’ve followed the docs correctly

Domain and verified I did so

It seems to be working in your web view. Try clicking the arrow jumping out of box button. And if that does not work give us the error.

From the picture it looks like it did work

Works in the webview but doesn’t load when you open the website (

Hi @marabednar354,

I have done a DNS lookup on your domain and it looks like you have setup the www. subdomain ( to correctly point to Replit’s IP address (, but your bare domain ( is still pointing to your domain provider’s IP address (

If you change your bare domain A record to point to Replit’s IP ( like you’ve done for your www. subdomain and then add the main domain to your Repl ( like you’ve done for the www. version (, that should allow both to work in unison.

Hope that helps!


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