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How do you now add a custom domain to the website?

Hey @BetterServices welcome to the forums!

The reason that traditional custom domain linking on Replit was removed is because traditional hosting is being removed from Replit. It is being replaced by deployments ( You can link a custom domain to deployments. Static repls[1] will soon be able to be deployed without a credit card. Non-static repls will require a paid plan to host but will still be able to have custom domains (so long as the repl hosts a website). I hope this helps!

  1. repls without a backend ↩︎


So soon I will be able to add a free custom domain?

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@BetterServices you should be able to (only if it is a static website, and you own a domain of course), unless Replit changes it.

It’s not possible right now, right?

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@BetterServices correct, I just meant it should happen soon.

okay thanks :slight_smile: very thanks

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Ready thank you very much :slight_smile:

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