Domain Linking Isn't Working

I bought a domain via. Google Domains ( and I can’t link any subdomains to it anymore. I’ve linked a few subdomains to it in the past (such as and but I can’t anymore. Any help?

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Hey @thymeandbasyl welcome to the forums!
Hmm, that’s odd. Could you please provide a link to make it easier on us to find your problem? is the site. I want it to link to but it wont link.

try using cloudflare’s name servers and their free tier, I’ve found it’s much better then google domains/go daddy/porkbun/etc… Especially for linking with replit domains.

Also make sure to add the verify txt record if you use cloudflare’s DNS


They both say the same thing is that what you have it as for the code @thymeandbasyl? If so then it might be linked :person_shrugging:.

It seems to be linking fine, though?

@QwertyQwerty88 it appears so for me too anyways. I don’t know what @thymeandbasyl might be experiencing on their side, it could be another issue not related to linking.

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I forgot to say, but i fixed it by switching to cloudflare.

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