`=` doesn't have to be quoted in attribute values

This is wrong by the way.


No. It works. I find it cleaner to at least use quotes only on attribute values which can need quotes :man_shrugging::

<meta name=description content="mightNeedQuotes">

It does not work. You used two equal signs, when there should be just one and another hyphen.

… just try it. Ignore highlight.js pretending that the second = is an operator

Can you guys @UMARismyname and @QwertyQwerty88 stop arguing!? This is a trivial matter.
Of all the things to argue about, it’s about HTML!

It’s calm. I don’t think there’s any discussion now.
But apologies for not moving out the trivial chat earlier, and for not making it clear that I had indeed tested the code before I sent it, never mind before I asserted “it works”, assuming that that’s what anyone would do in our shared situation.