Does webgl not work in

If you see here the webgl context is null. Does just not support webgl?

I tested your site both on the cover page and in a new tab and the WebGL context was not null. Not all devices/browsers support WebGL, this is likely an issue with your device.

This is in the webview, correct? I’ll fork it and see if it works for me :smile:

I can develop webgl locally on this device.browser just fine, but it could be firefox not working well with Edge seems to give me the webgl context.

Weird, only in the webview it doesn’t work… It does work if you open the cover page or you open it in a new tab. I guess for now open it in a new tab to test it out and I’ll ask a staff member to look into this.


Yes the fullscreen tab works, but the webview interface doesn’t.

btw it only works in edge because it’s signed out there, so it doesn’t use the editor view

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