Does socket programming in Python or C work on Replit?

** Does socket programming in Python or C work on Replit?

I have just begun to work with socket programming on this platform, only to notice a couple issues when establishing connections. Whenever I try to use as an ip, Replit opens a webview tab and interprets it as an http request.

Hello @TriTechX! is not an IP. If you are trying to request the current device, use instead.
Hope this helps!

I don’t think that’s correct: it is a valid IP address, but a reserved one, for instance you can’t use it as a destination address.

@TriTechX I’ve worked my way through most of Beej’s Guide to Networking Concepts (highly recommended) on Replit, which includes quite a bit of socket programming, without any problems (at least I don’t remember running into any).


It’s the IP you have to host things on on Replit if you want the Internet to be able to reach them. If you try, you’ll get a pop-up saying to host on


Thanks for the reply (and the document about networking that’ll certainly be useful)!

I’ve noticed that Socket - on its own - works perfectly fine, but when I try to connect one Repl to another via Socket, it doesn’t seem to work.
I think this might be because Replit is using virtual machines to run it and some of them may be connected to different networks and so on. I was wondering if it was possible to connect two Repls in any way at all.

Sorry, I’m not able to give a reliable answer to your question. :pensive: As far as I remember, I’ve tried only intra-repl connections which worked fine (something like: running a server in one shell and a client in another). I’m not sure how the routing between repls works, if it works at all.

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