Does Replit let you use subdomains?

When you use the custom domain interface to connect the repl to a subdomain, can you use it the same way for a subdomain? Also, do you need to make a whole new repl for each subdomain, or can you just use the same one?

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Hey @AdvancedAPI welcome to the forums.

Are you asking if you can have 1 repl that uses more than 2 sub domains. For example and If yes you would need to use 2 different repls to have both. One for each one.

Are you saying that I will need another repl for each subdomain? So does it mean that it is possible to use the same repl for only 1 subdomain?

You are correct on that.

Correct on which question?

this one with multiple sub domains and repls

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Thanks for the help.

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