Does replit have free SSL/TLS certificates?

im wondering if replit has free SSL/TLS certificates because im trying to make a website but it wont work if it isnt https and you need certificates for that.

and if they dont, does anyone have an idea where i could get one for free?

Hey @coolgamermoth !
All websites made with Replit are safe, and have the padlock icon.

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Well what iam trying to make uses websockets and they get blocked and i dont know how to make them work

You can’t make a website with websockets. It is just a data transfer protocol. Consider looking into AioHTTP or Flask.

If you wish to use the Secure Websockets Protocol, configure your backend to use a certificate to verify websockets connections. Then in your client side code change the websockets URI to “wss://examplehost:8765”. Replace example host with the link to your backend.