Does not send me reset password email

Problem description:
forgot password does not work

Expected behavior:
it should send me email with a link to a web page on replit to reset my password

Actual behavior:
i sign in with google and i want to reset my password but when i go to forgot password and enter my email it does not send me anything I did send email 5 times and none of the five emails made it i also check it my spam/junk folder and its not there either i checked in all my folders and its not thier

Steps to reproduce:
go to
enter email ’
click send
Bug appears at this link:

dell laptop windows 11

I am unable to repro this on Windows 11, FF dev edition 109.0b4 with gmail.

Hey there! The most common mistake is looking at the wrong email, and then not checking the spam filter. Double-check those two things and if not, DM me and we’ll figure it out.