Does my web-proxy project break ToS?

So I am building a web proxy named AnonySearch (AnonymousSearch) with the intent to keep you secure around the internet. Already, I know that proxies with the intent to bypass restrictions are not allowed, but this is not the case with my project in process.

I am worried about it breaking ToS for two main reasons;

  1. It uses Ultraviolet Technologies to keep your IP hidden.
    I know that Ultraviolet itself breaks ToS but, truth be told, Ultraviolet is created well and it cloaks you on the web. It works and it has a lot of support for popular sites that I would like to be more anonymous on.
    But, Ultraviolet was made to bypass restrictions, especially ones that are from organizations. As I am repurposing this, will AnonySearch still be marked as a bad-intentions web proxy that hosts Ultraviolet?

  2. It can be used to bypass restrictions, although I don’t allow it as I said in “Notes and Credits” so does that automatically make my site invalid?

If either of my concerns are true and break ToS, can you tell me how to fix them and why? Before I give the link, I want to mention that I didn’t implement the search feature yet just in case.

My repl:

My site:

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I wouldn’t think so, no. Proxies ARE allowed, as long as they aren’t malicious or are made for school. Also, it looks very promising!


Maybe make it make everyone log in using replit auth and log what domains people access, so you can ban abusers and it’s harder for people to use for avoiding restrictions


But tracking people is literally the opposite of being secure and untracked…

You’d need to at least track some things to prevent abuse

idk… that sounds really invasive…

How else would you stop people accessing nsfw things?

Well, that’s out of my control. I’m not providing a kid-friendly web proxy or anything to keep people from abusing this. My job here is to keep other websites from tracking you, which is becoming a problem for some people. Now, that doesn’t mean I encourage the usage of AnonySearch to find that weird stuff but if I tracked people to make sure they didn’t go there then that means AnonySearch becomes utterly useless. What’s the point of making sure that other websites don’t track you if AnonySearch itself tracks you?

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If people want privacy, they should run their own server. anyway, some users would just kill your repl for you.

But the whole point is they are making a place for privacy…

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Unless they send traffic using tor, users will probably kill their repl within a week

Well, AnonySearch is more than a proxy. @9pfs1, not to be rude, but I think you can’t get past that point… and also what do you mean “kill a repl?” I’m planning on more than just a web proxy with a few other cool stuff. Instead of a web proxy, AnonySearch can be like a search engine, and also Tor is an app which means that people using devices like Chromebook can’t use Tor but I don’t think that’s what you meant. Can you please clarify your response?

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Basically, you should probably send traffic from the repl using tor rather than sending it directly from the repl.

But some people don’t have Tor, like me (because I am on Chromebook).

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You could have the repl send traffic using tor (rather than the user’s browser)

And how would I do that?

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Just run the tor CLI on the server and have your program send HTTP requests using it

Can I get more detailed instructions? And also, will Tor keep the user more private? How hard is it to set up?

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