Does it still count as a programming language?

Hey so I have encountered a not-well-known programming language that reads the source line by line and executes them, however, it doesn’t convert the source to machine code it by itself, it translates the source into python, and python does the work for it. Does this still count as a programming language? I’m curious.


I think that can be counted as a programming language, but it goes to the interpreter tab instead of compiler tab like many popular programming language.

Little known fact, python is also an interpreter instead of a compiler, because it also runs the code line by line and turn them into byte code instead of machine code (though they run the byte code after the process instead of outputting the byte code)

This is only a personal view on the “line” of being a programming language, this only represent my view and it’s not on behalf of anyone else, so feel free to express a different perspective


A few corrections.
Python isn’t really inherently interpreted or compiled, that is usually a property of the implementation, such as CPython (main one), Cython, PyPy.

Compiling does not have to be to machine code, it can be compiled to another language.

CPython compiles source code to bytecode. Then at runtime, it interprets the bytecode line by line. So, it’s mainly referred to as an interpreted language (technically it’s both).
PyPy interprets and compiles at runtime. (JIT compiler)
Cython will compile python source code to C (then to machine code).

(For most intents and purposes, python is in the category of interpreted languages.)


The original question, I think anything where the source code can be used to write executable programs is a programming language. How the source code becomes machine code is implementation-specific.

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Yes, absolutely! This is called a transpiled language, a language that is converted into another one to be run! Compilation is the act of converting source code into machine readable assembly and then binary, transpilation is the act of converting source code into a different type of source code.