Does emmet work in html?


Has anyone got emmet working in html? I’ve installed the package but when i try to use it (some characters followed by tab) nothing happens.
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code snippet

The packages you can install from the Packages tab are JavaScript packages, they are not extensions for the code editor. I don’t believe you can get emmet in the code editor, however you could request this as a feature.

run in shell:

sed -i 's/];/  pkgs.nodePackages.vscode-langservers-extracted  \n&/' replit.nix
echo '[languages.html]
pattern = "**/*.html"
start = "vscode-html-language-server --stdio"' >> .replit

Thanks. That would explain it.

Hi, I did as you suggested but it made no difference. Have you got emmet working in html?

yes. Are you sure code intelligence is enabled in the IDE settings? And check if the language server has actually run: does pgrep vscode-html-lan in shell while a html file is open output anything?


That was it! - code intelligence was disabled. I’ve enabled it now and the world is right again. Thank you very much StupidGenius.

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