Does anyone know what this means?

I got this little things when programming a static website…

I think I made a program that was overloading the tab, the CPU, and everything else. Is my hypothesis right?

I’ve honestly never seen the little sad face on anywhere but Windows 95 computers… I’m not sure, but it seems like overloading everything the repl runs on may do something. :person_shrugging:

it looks like you had a timeout error for your repl but I can’t be completely sure until you show the code

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So I changed the code, and that went away. however this was basically the code:

function GameLoop(){
// some event listeners here that check if the arrow keys are pressed and then move an element based off of that feedback
// This will wait 100 milliseconds each time it runs... I don't have the setTimeout script memorized:
while (true){

this doesn’t help in the slighttest in diagnosing a webview problem because… this doesn’t interact with a router in anyway

I am not marking anything as the answer. No one knows why I got that face, and I haven’t seen it since. Thanks for trying!

yeah the reason nobody knows is because you didn’t really show the code

Yeah sorry about that.

I’d say that either your Repl was overloaded and crashed the webview, or you had Internet issues as it tried to connect to the iframe.

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