Does anyone know what this error means

I forked somone elses repel for an scpsl discord bot and i got an error while runing it saying

python3 SCPSL-Discord-Bot/
  File "SCPSL-Discord-Bot/", line 1
    screen -S SCP:SL_Playercount python3
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
exit status 1

i don’t know what that means but if anyone knows or knows how to help me that would be great

That’s a shell script, not a python file. Try changing the run command in .replit to sh SCPSL-Discord-Bot/

do i just replace the screen -S SCP:SL_Playercount python3 with the sh SCPSL-Discord-Bot/ code?

also after doing that i got this error

sh SCPSL-Discord-Bot/
SCPSL-Discord-Bot/ line 1: screen: command not found
exit status 127

when a command isn’t found, add it via Nix. You could also type the command in Shell where it’ll add it automatically, but that will sometimes take some time only to give you an invalid package version. Here you could run Shell:

sed -i 's/];/  pkgs.screen\
  &/' replit.nix