Does anybody know where to find this kind of game?

Hi everbody, I am searching for a game tutorial about objects that you must avoid and it has to be somewhere in the air so like the objects coming from above the screen and then from up to down and it has to be made in Python. It can be any obstacle or object doesn’t matter, but I couldt find a short tutorial video about this. Does anyone have a clue about this or knows?
And the background must be something like it’s in the Sahara or dessert or something like that. But first I’d like to have the obstacles. Really hope someone can help me.
Would be a big help, thank you.

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Do you mean something like FlappyBird?

No, not exactly … it don’t have players in the game only objects that are falling from above…

OH! Gotcha. Falling Blocks.
Here’s a playlist that is similar

Hope that helps!

@MrBrash Thank you for the reply, Do you know also something that is related to the shara like falling objects in the sahara? where you have the sahara as background for example.

Well that’s just changing the graphics. Follow the tutorial I linked but use different graphics and it can be any theme you want. Space, Sahara, Arctic… The concept of avoiding the objects stays the same but they look different.

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Okay, tnx. I will try and hopefully it will work.