Do you want to chat with a robot?

If you do then my game is the perfect game for you!

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Nice! Suggestions:

  • Don’t overuse scrollTxt(). It becomes annoying.
  • You don’t need to create so many new lines. Just use os.system("clear") or replit.clear()
  • If you really want to create many new lines, dont just keep doing print(""), even print() is good enough without any parameters. but you should use a while loop:
i = 0
while i < 30: # If I want 30 new lines
  • But then, it’s still no use.

That’s using bash which I consider bad practice

either that or print('\033c', end='')

newlines = 30
print('\n' * newlines, end='')


def write_lines(lines: int) -> None:
  print('\n' * lines, end='')

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Everyone considers that bad practice. However, I use this mostly because I’ve had bad experience with using replit.clear(). One time, I tried using it, and replit.clear() only cleared half the screen (for some reason). I haven’t used it since then. Could be because there was too much on the screen at that time.


It asked me what my favorite food was. I said car tires. It said "Same! We must have a lot in common!