Do you take notes while programming?

Do you take notes well programming?
  • Yes
  • Sometimes
  • No

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If you have an idea for a future poll dm the idea.

Usually what I do is make a markdown file and write all my plans in that as well as drawing it out on paper

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I personely use notion when I do take notes since it supports MD so I can easily format syntax.

When I plan a project I almost never do anything outside of my head. And when I do I would use a digital tool like Figma if I want to figure out how it would look before I code it.

@not-ethan have you tried Replit for your notes? You can just create a .md file in any repl and keep notes in there so they’re all in one place!

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No I have not. Next time I do I will try it out.

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Roam, check out my notes from a long time ago: How to Code from EDX (


i’m waiting for so I can write notes.

Being 100% honest, it’s rare that I do.
Usually if I do take notes, it’s through repl’s thread function or a OneNote notebook linked to my MS account.
Though @not-ethan notion works quite well from what I hear, still considering trying it out…


I do use Notion to take notes while learning to languages, frameworks, and libraries.

This is really a old post but I am here anyway lmao. For me, I try to take notes, but I never do… :sob:

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Only sometimes because I usually don’t code anything too hard, if I code something that I am going to show to someone I do make sure to go ahead and comment what is happening in the code.

It is good habit to actually write documentation/notes in the code while working…

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My notes from last night :skull: :skull: :skull:

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I usually make a markdown file and plan out the features I want in what I am coding, then try to think of how to do each one.

Like not-ethan said, other than write down general ideas, I rarely plan anything much outside my head.

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