Do REPLits in Canvas need Deployment?

I can’t tell if my current REPLits, which I embed inside Canvas, will need to be switched to Deployments. I have many HTML, CSS, and JS (some with Node and Express) of them within <iframe> tags inside my Canvas course. If students login to their own REPLit accounts, will those embedded replits still work?

Replit Profile:

That is supposed to be an iframe tag. The rest of my sentence is lost and I can’t edit. :frowning:
…within iframe tags inside Canvas pages. Do those need to be ‘deployed’, or can I leave then as is? Currently students can interact with them when logging in with their own accounts.

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@PamVanLonden For now, you will not have to use deployments, but from January 1st onward, you will have to.

credit: @Firepup650

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I fixed your iframe issue. You can enclose words in backticks ` to bypass HTML rendering (the thing that messed up your post).

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Thank you. When I use deployments, will students still need a their own accounts to access and interact with the Replits when they are inside Canvas? Or, will they be able to see instant changes within Canvas?

@PamVanLonden You will need to redeploy for the changes to take place and the students will have to reload their page, but no, they will not have to have a Replit account.

Thank you. So, I have 35 Replits and all must be ‘deployed’ because they are inside Canvas and serve between 150 to 450 students per term (4 times per year). Which payment option do you recommend? Autoscale or Hacker/Static?

If your programs have a backend, autoscale, but if they are only plain HTML, CSS, JS, I would do static.

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I have a mix of both, so I’ll go with Autoscale. Thank you.

I’m nervous about choosing the right account and will have to pay out-of-pocket. Please clarify for me: If a student wants to edit a deployed Replit from inside of a Canvas page, will they have to refresh the page to see their changes, or can they just click the run button inside of the Replit?

They will have to access the Replit editor itself, and then redeploy so that other people can view their project without them actively being in the editor. They will be able to click the run button and see it directly from the editor, though.

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No one else will need to view their work; they only need to experiment within Canvas. Am I understanding this correctly? —> If a deployed replit is embedded in an tag in a Canvas page, a student can edit and run within that replit without having an account or need to refresh/deploy.

And if that is the case, then I will need the Core > Autoscale account?

They’ll have to fork the Repl to their personal account to modify the code in any scenario.

Rats. That is not ideal. Thank you.