Do my challenge :shoot:

@QwertyQwerty88 @element1010 how hard can I make this?

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How hard can you make what?

If this isn’t specifically help about code, and you are asking me specifically, it should be in a PM.

it’s your topic. make it as difficult as you want.

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Qwertty said that if I want to make a challenge that’s tangential, I should make another topic so I’m asking how hard these are allowed to be

ok just wondering how hard you guys make it normally cuz I wanna make sure everyone will have fun

pretty hard, actually. the last challenge like this (I think) was one that @MattDESTROYER made and he said to print hello world without data types

this isn’t AMC btw lol (there’s no :shoot: emoji, the closest is :gun:)


oh no shoot :frowning: so I can make something difficult as long as it’s more like a puzzle and less like a hard algorithm

you can make it as hard as you want but I’d make it easy enough so people actually want to try yk


ok thankies I will think of something and post it :smiley: thanks