Do I need permission to make a regular chatbot?

So, I know I need permission to make an AI chatbot, but what about a regular one? I see tons of people making them (prob without permission), but I just want to make sure lmao. @not-ethan @IanAtCSTeach

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Chatbot like a comment chatbot? If so then no. Otherwise it’s fine.

Edit: I just realized I said no. Forgot the question was “Do I need permission?” I thought it was “Am I allowed to?” So if it’s a comment bot, then yes, you do need permission. Otherwise it’s fine.

heya! I think it’s perfectly fine to have comment bots/chatbots! i can check in with the replit team


I believe they were added to the ToS as not allowed…?

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Who would I ask 4 permission? @not-ethan?

EDIT: nvm I just read bddy’s message

@RayhanADev and it’s against ToS now… @bddy can you check w/ staff?

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This topic is really confusing I recently contacted like 10 people about GQL and they all had differing opinions, some mods, some just people in the know. This topic is WEIRD


the only people who can make decisions on graphql are replit site admins/legal, and moderators enforce those

everyone else has no say in whats allowed lolz


define “chatbot” as in an automated account that runs as a replit community bot?


lol yeah I talked to quite a few mods in my… quest

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