Do community members do more than paid staff on Ask?

It seems like they were manually excluded from the leaderboard.


Exactly! But when you think about it, Replit’s staff members are somewhat equivalent to Replit’s active community. The difference is one gets paid and the other doesn’t. All were asking is some extra storage, and this is for all of Replit’s userbase, not just the Ask community.


Could someone perhaps move some of these posts about whether or not the staff cares about us to a new topic? I feel like the staff ignores topics if there are too many off-topic posts.

Also about all the active community agreeing: I am told that though the Ask community agrees with each other, many of the other Replit users have different opinions than us.


They do. And while they work, we handle support for a notable portion of their user base.


They are excluded on the main leaderboard.

They have their own leaderboard

Well it varies person to person. Some Replit staff don’t ever need to go to ask for their job so they may not even know about it. Others don’t like forums and rather discord. Others do a lot of work behind the seens so there’s no time to do things like Ask. For example Malcom (Head of Trust & Safty (moderation)) does a huge amount of work behind the seens from helping mods learn, making connections between us mods and other staff and moderating themselves and more. Where they almost only come to ask when somebody asks them to give their input.

I do agree that everybody should get more free users. And yes some community members have more experience on Replit than some staff because I’m sure some staff came of other tech jobs and never used Replit before they applied.


To be fair, he’s right. This forum is completely voluntary and nobody is forcing us to be here. However, you might have noticed that Replit does rely on this forum as their unpaid customer service, so it should be fair we at least get a bit of compensation.


Yeah I feel you. I’ll bring up some sort of perks system for model Ask forum members at my next meeting, but I make no promises :slight_smile:


When cycles were first added a year ago (wow it does not feel like that long ago) I suggested that we should get cycles Cycles for particpation


That is an absolutely great idea! Especially because Ask users spend most of their time on Ask, they probably can’t multitask a bounty and developing a project of their own to get tips on when their busy with the community


omg, thx a lot for consideration!


I didn’t know about that.


You’d be rich lol. Still, it’s a great idea.

I agree with you on this; it seems that most (though not all) highly active Ask members don’t do many bounties/large projects. Matt however seems to have time for TL4 and a large number of well-paying bounties, which is an impressive exception to this (I’m not gonna discuss formerly active Ask members).


Hey there! Thanks for bringing up this feedback. I’ll take this personally as a call to post more visibly here, so get ready for some more Lena in your life.

As Ethan and Ray mentioned, a lot of us are doing work behind the scenes to support our users, so although you may not see lots of our staff on Ask all the time, we’re still working hard on the overall Replit experience.

I also want to remind you that you are never obligated or required to be active on Ask! Ask is designed so that users can get and give help with Replit. A lot of the time, that means finding your answer from an existing topic or getting help from someone else who happens to be online at the same time as you.

As with any software company, we have an official support team that triages hundreds of tickets everyday. So, it does happen often that another user might be able to answer a question before a staff member gets to it or when a question doesn’t require immediate response (like a bug or outage would) and so users helping users means that you can all get help a little faster, which I think is a win-win.

I will look into how we can bulk up our moderator program to support our mods as best as we can and ensure that no one is taking on undue burden. If you have any other thoughts, I’d be glad to hear them! Feel free to PM me and we can chat :]


Hi @LenaAtReplit , it’s nice to hear a staff member speaking for Replit, and I totally agree with you!
However, if the number if support tickets are so high and Replit wishes for other community members to help them, I feel that Ask should be promoted more, not just that small hyperlink in the sidebar or a mention on the last page of each lesson in 100DoC. I feel that if Replit were to promote Ask more, the number of support tickets could go down as people will approach Ask more, lessening the workload for the Support Team.


I think the opposite will happen. I think it would lead to more bug reports and the active people that come wont out way it. Thats at least my guess. Now that’s not to say it shouldn’t be promoted more :​)


@not-ethan more people coming to Ask with a problem the more we have to work to get rid of the problems, if its less well none we will have to work less.


The problems will exist whether volunteers on Ask deal with them or not.


In my opinion, it’s better for a business like Replit to make it easy for users to report bugs and create support requests than to make it harder for users to report bugs, even if making it easier increases the average time it takes for issues to be resolved. If Replit employees don’t check Ask often enough, Replit could simply use Discourse’s chat functionality instead of Slack for internal communication (so they’d be more likely to see and respond to topics that they can help with).


Totally agree. A forum should be for building a community and not replace support (which is my take on ask these days). However, I rather have Replit now work on providing some decent performance instead (not that I expect that to happen).


Really appreciate hearing all of your perspectives. We think a lot about how to make support as effective as possible and ensure users can get the help they need, but it will never be perfect, and so are constantly iterating to make it better.

On this topic, we just welcomed the wonderful @yerhot to our team to lead Support (Please welcome him and say hey! He’s doing cool stuff!). We’ve been brainstorming how to improve Support and thinking about how Ask fits into it, so stay tuned!


My own philosophy is similar, @whileTRUEpass!

Also agreed @9pfs1.

I def do not have a full answer or solution yet but do have some thoughts:

  1. Replit is for the users and our goal is always for folks to be able to talk to Replit support with as little friction as possible. Full stop.

  2. We are actively working on improving how we manage the bug report /feature request/question when it gets to us. Kinda like you talk to us => <stuff happens> => feature ships/bug fixed/problem solved. As Replit has gotten larger, both internally and externally, => <stuff happens> has become more complex for us. I suspect part of what y’all are feeling is a byproduct of this.

Some of #2 means we may need to change a little bit of how you talk to us works so that changes to the rest of the chain work and the whole thing is ultimately better/faster/more efficient/doesn’t fall over. That chain being efficient is in everyone’s best interest IMO.

I do not think anyone should read that as anything super drastic, but just an honest yeah Support wants it to be better too and we’re working on it. It’s going to be an ongoing thing we work on.


Side note: I absolutely adore that folks care so much that discussions like this happen.