DNS Settings Help

Hey team would love some help. It’s been almost 48hrs and my domain hasn’t propagated / my custom domain isn’t showing up on my Repl.

These are my DNS settings on Godaddy.

Can anyone help?

I’ve tried with two domains on two different Repls actually :slight_smile:

This is the DNS settings for my other Repl. It was a landing page on Webflow, that I want to move to Replit.

Hey @littlegoatcoding!

Can you please send me the link to the Repl that you are trying to link your domain to?

Also, what subdomain are you trying to link? You crossed out that information from the screenshot, which prevents us from ensuring that the DNS configuration has been properly set up for Replit.

Hey Shane! Thanks, can I email you directly with the subdomain so it’s not on a public forum please?

This is the Repl link: https://lgl.littlegoatcoding.repl.co

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It looks like [REDACTED] isn’t set up to connect to Replit as it does not have an A, CNAME, or TXT record. However, [REDACTED] does have an A and a TXT record, which should be fine to connect to Replit. If you reopen the domain linking panel and retry the verification or delete and re-add the domain, it should verify!

Woah rookie mistake from me, thank you for picking up on it. I really appreciate it. I’ll try that now.

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Shane could you plz remove the URLs from your message or delete this message for privacy reasons? :slight_smile: Thank you !