Dns issues: setting up www. and static. subdomains

I am trying to setup 2 subdomains with my domain lastman.enterprises
a www. subdomain and
a static. subdomain

the www. I want to point to the same repl where I have the main “lastman.enterprises” domain.
for the static. subdomain (static.lastman.enterprises) I am pointing to another repl

I’ve gone back and forth between using “@” and “lastman.enterprises” for my hostname for the main domain. “@” seems to work while the other does not.
in both cases, I cannot seem to make the www. work with either a cname pointing back to lastman.enterprises or another A record setup how I have the static. subdomain

am I goofing something obvious or maybe just pushing the limitations of Replit? maybe I need to bring this up with Namecheap

thank you for your help.

(I have edited the screenshot to not show the entire replit verification for security)

I found this bug report that says this is partly an issue with Replit but that subdomains work well with CloudFlare DNS

I have since switched to CloudFlare to manage my DNS rather than my registrar NameCheap and have fixed the issue.

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