Div used by iframe is styled by CSS file created by user

Problem description:
Div is getting styled by user CSS file

Expected behavior:
Div either does not exist, or does not get styled by user CSS

Actual behavior:
Div introduced by the replit editor gets styled by user

Steps to reproduce:
fork this project if needing an example or have a html style sheet that styles divs

Bug appears at this link:

Brave, Arch linux, laptop

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Just as an FYI to replicate with the URL you have to fork it, as it’s a problem with the editor

Hey @Mathman05! Welcome to the community!

You can remove the last <script> in your HTML file and that should fix the problem.

That does not fix the problem, if you open it up in a new tab this behavure does not occor, only in the editor

also here’s a screenshot of the problematic div inserted by repl
(screenshot from chrome dev tools)