Displays/outputs not showing up for multiple projects

I’ve been recently trying to make a new C++ project, and wanted to code through sfml. There are multiple projects already created to fork from that previously worked when I tested them about a month ago. Now, when run the ‘output’ and display is a spinning wheel for minuets and never loads the project. This not only applies to my projects, as when I attempt to load community project, the output doesn’t load. This is been an issue for multiple weeks now and I was wondering if there was a problem on my side, or if others have been having the same issue.

Hi @Mjohn753 thank you for your post and welcome to the community!

In order for the community to suggest ideas to help you solve your code issue it would be useful to share a link to your Repl.

Any error messages that you see appear when you attempt to run your code would also be useful to share here.

That’s the fun part, there are no messages, and it just spins and loads (see attached). Here’s the link, but I don’t know if it has anything to do with the problem at hand.

Thanks for responding!


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Hi @Mjohn753 thanks for the link!

I just clicked on the above link and after pressing run (waited approx 3 seconds) I see this:

Could there be something being blocked on the network you are using to access Replit? Is it possible to test the same Repl on a mobile connection?

When I tested it on a mobile connection, it seems to work fine, I’ve dwindled it down to the computer I’m using, and it might be a network issue.

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