Display dates in locale format

I was recently looking at my cycles usage page and I realised all the dates are in the American format (MM/DD/YYYY), which is very confusing as an Australian (we use DD/MM/YYYY). This is something that could very easily be fixed using the JavaScript method Date.prototype.toLocaleDateString() (which displays a date string in whatever format a user’s device uses) and would improve the user experience anywhere dates lie in the site.


using the EcmaScript standard format YYYY-MM-DD is a better solution because it’s consistent and prevents confusion from screenshots and users used to seeing the US format


I disagree, I always prefer seeing a date in the format I’m used to on my devices, it’s just easier and more convenient for me as a user. Date screenshots are a whole separate can of worms, because a user can take a screenshot with the OS date and time (eg in Windows it’s in the bottom right) and there’s nothing we can do about that. If dates are relevant, it’s really up to the user to clarify it, most likely using the universal date element available on Discourse.