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How do I make the console be shown on project pages ‘uploaded’ to my page. There are questions that will be asked on the Replt page and I need user input. I am also not sure if this belongs in Code Help or Replt Help so I’m putting in Code help because I think it is code related.

As you can see I need the user inputs from the console. So the project is unfunctional until I get this fixed.

Thanks for the Help,
Replit Community.

Welcome to Ask! To my knowledge there is no way to do this but I agree it would be helpful. You could make a post in Feature Requests about it.


Ok thanks :slight_smile: Imma leave this open for one week just in case any one has found an idea.

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Greetings, @MasterLink1! It’s a pleasure to see you return after your brief five-month hiatus from posting. I have a slight doubt regarding your question. You seem to be utilizing the Turtle library in Python for drawing, but I’m under the impression that running a Repl directly from the cover page may not be sufficient to generate the window required to display your drawing.

At the moment, I believe it is not possible to use Replit to display the console.
But you can implement one yourself!

Replit uses Eruda, a JS alt of DevTools from chrome!

It can be installed at their official pages, like their GITHUB!

Otherwise, if you’re Repl is a PY window (pretty sure it is) and doesn’t use websites;
You could just use turtle.write()

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Oh, did I misread his post?

EDIT: My initial impression was that he was inquiring about the process of getting the turtle window to appear on his Repl cover page.

He wants a console on the front by the sound of it.


The quickest hack sounds like you could just ask the questions before, and then invoke the display.

It’s possible that he might be referring to pinning a Repl to his page, and if that’s the case, I believe that would indeed solve his query regarding having a “console” on the front page.

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For Turtle Graphics based on Console input, you need a Console and the Turtle window which is not an option right now AFAIK.


I have no idea how to use .js tbh I need to start learning. :joy:

As you can see from my code I listed the input before the graphics window.

import turtle as trtl
import math

# colour libray

##set up

print("Lets make the base be white cake :)")

# 1st white layer

painter = trtl.Turtle()

Oh, well then you only gotta:

Your case, painter.write(…)


I also had this problem and asked support(remember when that existed) they replied with changing the v=1 to lite=1 in the URL(that box at the top) worked for me