Discord.py adding slash commands to list in discord

So I have created my commands and they work as intended, but how do I get them to show up in the list in Discord?

The list I’m speaking of is the one that pops up when you type / into the text bar.

try this

It looks like that just displays what commands you can use when typing in a “help” command.

oooh, yeah you need to use slash_commands keep in mind, the invite link will need to have slash commands ticked off :smiley:

But is that the only thing? Because I’m pretty sure I did that and they still aren’t there. When I look at my bot in the developer portal I have applications.commands selected and ‘use slash commands’.

ah, but that’s what’s supposed to happen… hmm

I will try removing it from my server and bringing it back.

nice, that fixes most tech problems XD

Usually, but this time it didn’t work.

I see… I’m not a discord dev so I don’t know XD

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