Discord.js 14 Bot Goes Offline Even With UptimeRobot

I’m using discord.js v14 and my bot is working well. The only problem is that my bot goes offline after closing the repl. Previously, UptimeRobot would keep Discord.js v13 bots online, but now the bot goes offline despite being pinged.

I am using the HTTP module instead of express.

require('http').createServer((req, res) => res.end(process.version)).listen()

I am not looking for solutions that suggest paid features like Replit Always On or You are deploying slash commands too often!. I use kill 1for deployment issues.

Hey @intfract welcome to the forums!

Please refer to this topic Discord Ratelimit

im really late as always but try adding 8080 to the listner so your code should look like this

require('http').createServer((req, res) => res.end(process.version)).listen(8080)