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Question: Dear Community Members,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek your guidance and assistance regarding an issue I am currently facing with my Discord bots hosted on Replit.

Last year, I subscribed to Replit’s Hacker (now Core) plan, as a gesture of support and investment in my projects. Over the past year, I have been diligently working on developing a number of Discord bots on this platform. However, recently, I have encountered a significant hurdle. My bots are consistently facing downtime, which seems to be linked to changes in Replit’s monetization strategy, impacting the functionality of Uptime Robot.

The crux of my concern lies in the additional costs that seem to be required to maintain the operational status of my bots. An extra fee of $7 per month for each bot is quite steep, especially considering my existing investment in the Hacker plan. This situation has left me in a dilemma, as I was not aware of the ‘always on’ feature and its implications for my projects and now I can’t use it if i tried.

I am reaching out to this knowledgeable community for two main reasons. Firstly, to understand if there is a feasible way to continue hosting my Discord bots without incurring these additional charges. Secondly, to gain clarity on whether my current subscription already includes the necessary services to keep my bots operational.

I value the community’s expertise and would greatly appreciate any advice, insights, or suggestions you might have regarding this matter. Your assistance in helping me navigate this situation would be immensely helpful.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Hey @pkgoss1337!

There currently is not a way to use your Core plan to get a Reserved VM deployment, but it is being talked about among staff. But right now you will have to pay the extra fees if you want your bots online.

Thanks for the reply. I am curious, does my current plan come with any way keep the bots alive currently? like, if its under a certain amount of computing, perhaps its no additional cost above what my core plan is?

That is unfortunately not the case, unless you kept the tabs to the repls open on your computer, and re-ran them each time one went down.

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oh please, say it isn’t so… I’d be quite sad to realize that replit, the place where i started learning how to code has made it impossible to do so… I hope they come up with a more reasonable solution soon.

Like it was mentioned, the staff have announced that they are planning on implementing some free bits of Reserved VM Deployments, so you can wait for that to be out soon.
Or, you can connect your bot to a backend server (Flask, Express etc) and host it on Autoscale, which will charge you for each incoming request (can be expensive if your bot is popular). The good part of Autoscale is that Core gives some compute units free, so you won’t have to pay immediately. (When they run out, you gotta pay)

To the topic of Reserved VMs in the Core plan, I believe Soren is driving some efforts if you want to take a peek at this thread:

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